Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Theme Day: The Creative Artisan

For this 1st of May, the City Daily Photo community of 
bloggers has chosen Artisans as its theme. 
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I some times am tempted to think that most people
view artisans as some sort of quaint people whose appearance 
resembles the woman in the top photo, a ceramist who 
spent her days at the Indiana State Fair Pioneer Village creating
hand made pots and cups for sale to fair-goers.
While she was providing a vital link to our past, she and others
like her form a cadre of folks who may just be what the
people in this country need to survive the corporate mentality
that would have us all relegated to lives as assembly-line serfs,
relying on them for wages that are not enough to cover
the costs of daily needs.
While the pots look like beautiful luxuries, they take us back
to times when we all made our own food, furniture, clothes, and homes.
We need to recover those skills. 

If for no other reason, so that we can get drunk on our own 
mellow, soothing wine. The beautiful pots above and the wine
are from the 2012 Indiana Artisan Market, where one can buy everything 
from fudge, jewelry and painted gourds, to lovely wine, beer,
and stained glass. 


dive said...

Crafty women are the best kind. Not so sure about a sleepy potter, but I could do with meeting one who's good at plumbing.

Tanya Breese said...

i like that you captured her sitting there reading :)

Mo said...

A skill I hope that is being passed on

RamblingRound said...

I like her artisan outfit and love artisan fairs.

LOLfromPasa said...

That top shot really captured my attention. I so agree with you.

Speedway said...

Dive, does it count that I can change out the seats and washers in my faucet? That I am a faithful viewer of This Old House and could probably do some of the tasks they so, following directions, of course.

It was a hot day and the potter was taking a break to read a bit of her book.

Buck said...

I myself am the quintessential handyman, but alas, like Jack, master of no particular trade. Which gives me a great respect for those who are masters. Wine, in particular, seems to be coming back. Generally speaking, our weather here in upstate NY is considered too cold for wine grapes, but we have a few local vintners who are doing some amazing things. I'm so glad you posted photos and links to your artisanal fair as well as one of the artisans!