Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time of One's Own

It's this time of morning that is most precious to me, 
the time between I wake up and when I get on the bus for work, 
ready to take on the obligations of others as my own.
I cherish this time as the place where I can safely make plans,
entertain my day dreams, and enjoy the beauties of the morning.
As I waited for the bus, I was passed by joggers and walkers,
all of whom had their own reveries in mind as they
took a lap or several around the park, enjoying the sounds
of the birds and the golden morning light,
filtered by newly green trees.

1 comment:

dive said...

I thought the right leg of his shorts had ridden up until I enlarged the photo and realised he's got a knee support on. I think somebody needs to tell him that there are forms of exercise that do not lead to drastic knee surgery, but jogging is not one of them.
I'm glad you have a pre-office haven like this.