Monday, May 13, 2013

Rockin' the Fest

A coworker was planning to take her nieces to the 500 Festival Kids' Fest 
this past Saturday. She told me the one thing they were really looking forward to 
was riding the Ferris wheel that was set up on the north side of the Circle.
When I walked through the crowd at mid-afternoon, the
line of people waiting their turn to ride the Ferris wheel was 
lo-o-ong, with little faces peeping over the sides of the gondolas
as the ride was loaded.

The Circle was full with the sounds of people and music,
vendors with little tents, food trucks offering a wide ranging menu
of familiar favorites and exotic dishes, and entertainers
whose talents spanned different tastes. The people streaming
through the sites seemed to come in two sizes -
my size and about half my size. Many were even shorter,
being pushed by their parents in strollers.
Little girls often wore paper crowns designating them
as princesses, while every child seemed to have some
sort of design painted on their faces.
Overall, it was a happy crowd, virtually guaranteeing
that people will return.


dive said...

Sunshine, fun and a very familiar statue. Looks like a splendid day, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Yes, it was, Dive, if only judging by the number of little girls wearing princess crowns, and boys and girls with their faces painted with a myriad of different designs.