Saturday, May 18, 2013


After work, I went to the Natatorium to take care of some business, 
then walked back downtown to go to dinner.
A thunderstorm had passed through, leaving the city wet 
and shiny in the late afternoon sun.
I passed by the Indiana State Capitol building
where I saw this fine old tree, crooked and mossy.
Sadly, my first thought was that the tree's appearance
describes perfectly the corruption of the processes
inside that beautiful building. 


dive said...

Lovely juxtaposition, Speedway, both visually and verbally.

Anonymous said...

I share your enthusiasm for steamboats and did a post, years ago and was able to show a lot of old photos from a southern Ohio public library. I don't remember the name of the library but the last time I tried to find them again, the links were gone.

Speedway said...

Thanks, Dive. I was wanting so much to start a rant about those evil bastards, but was too tired to type it all. Yuch.

Well, Abe, the only library I know has a collection is the Cincy Library. Their Inland Rivers Collection is formed from the collection of the late Fred Way. Here's the link -