Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Fixed

The server for the system that controls my phone, 
television and internet service went all screwy this week.
Things were not connecting as they should;
the signal for the TV would kick out about every
five minutes or so, then reconnect. It was the same or similar
for my internet service, making work a pain.
I think it took all of fifteen minutes on the phone
with an IT tech in, oh, say, Mumbai, to find the problem,
have me pull a plug then re-plug the system
to have the issue fixed.
Great! But why did it have to be outsourced  
to a service person half way around the world?


1 comment:

dive said...

Ah, the joys of crapitalism. Rather than pay Americans a living wage, corporations trawl the planet for people who'll work for peanuts and rake in the profits while American workers have their homes repossessed.
It's the American Dream, Speedway.