Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Textured Tuesday: Mossy Redbuds

The  morning began gray, with light showers, as I walked from 
the IUPUI campus to the Central Canal.
I was on my way to the River Promenade, which continued
the path where the canal walk ended, taking it over the 
White River to the limestone lined River Promenade.

I've walked the Promenade before and always found new beauty 
in the huge blocks of limestone stacked along the sides of
the shaded lane. Spring showed in the many redbud, magnolia and
dogwood trees blooming along the lane. Moss and lichen
gave the trees a new wardrobe of plush mottled green.


dive said...

Those are gorgeous, Speedway, and they complement the lichen perfectly. We don't have anything like them over here. I'm jealous.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. The redbud tree is pretty common over here. I think the stone walls have afforded the trees - magnolia, redbud and dogwood - some degree of protection from the recent storms and heavy rain. Florets appaer from nodes on the redbuds and they can appear to be coated with them. In the fall they produce dark brown/black seed pods that I posted a few times in the past.