Saturday, April 6, 2013

Men in Holes, Part 793

Well, not 793 exactly, maybe more like 627, but if I see men working in a pit,
 I feel compelled to find out just what they are doing.
Inquiring minds want to know, ya know?

On the same day I watched men bringing old transformers out of a pit, 
I found these men just outside the Scottish Rite Cathedral.
They were working to repair some pipe; one man was welding 
while the others assisted to maneuver the pipe,
hold it in place, measure, cut and to assist with assisting.
(They all had some assigned task, really, just that as their role
was completed, they moved to helping out the others.) 

You've seen those bright red tool boxes on wheels? 
Like the ones race teams have in their trackside pit boxes?
Well, the rolling tool box for the welders is shown above.
It is a box truck, containing everything they need 
to dig, cut and weld pipe.


dive said...

If you're going to have an interest, make it a good one. What men are doing in holes is probably the most worthwhile pursuit I've come across and I share your fascination, Speedway.
More men in holes, please.

Oh, and more dinosaurs crashing into buildings. I loved yesterday's post and tried to comment on it but Blogger threw as hissy fit and wouldn't let me, dammit.

Speedway said...

I will try to comply with your requests, Dive. Now that the weather has made a turn for the better, the holes are everywhere, many of them with men in them!

I will have to find out from the Children's Museum the best time for an adult child to enjoy the Museum, unimpeded by interfering children. I can just imagine their reaction when I make the call - "Uh, what day and time is your slowest? I want to come at a time I can enjoy the Museum and take pictures of Seymour and Riad inside the lobby." The waiting line of children and parents the other evening was about 100 feet long.

And why not comment now? I'd love to read what you think of the dinosaurs making a break for it, as well, as the ones looking in.