Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Spring, the Cranes Have Arrived

The downtown area is bustling with several construction sites 
at various stages of progress. Among them is this site just north of the
Capitol Building which will be made up of apartments and
a large grocery, a much-needed amenity for the residents of the
many downtown apartments and condos.

At the end of last year, the site had been scraped, 
preparing it for this orchard of concrete pillars that will grow upward,
acquiring floors, walls, and HVAC systems that will eventually
become homes. If you look at the tops of the pillars, you can see
the little re-bar shoots that will have concrete poured 
over them to become additional levels.

As ever, I was enthralled by the sight of men working in a hole.
They were removing old transformers that had been part
of an earlier building on that site.

What had initially caught my eye, of course, was the huge crane 
that had been installed on the site last winter. There are numerous 
other cranes that move in and out for various tasks, such as
the removal of the transformers. The top image pleases me
because of all the textures and patterns in the picture.
None of them is decorative, all are functional, primarily
adding strength to what would otherwise be a flat piece of steel,
and allow the poured concrete to flow around and amid
the various components.

It seems as though the cranes are always around, 
but they seem to take on additional urgency as the weather warms.
It may be that the people are more visible; like pilot birds in service
to their host, they attend to the needs of the cranes
in order to obtain what they themselves need.


dive said...

Yay! Signs of spring indeed, Speedway. Great post, though it does make me feel like I'm at work.

LOLfromPasa said...

Spotted this on FB, Sara. Super title. Roll on Spring :).