Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Color of Clouds

For the past several weeks, I have been attending a small painting class downtown 
at the Herron School of Art and Design, on the IUPUI campus.
It has been interesting to see the displays of student projects that have
been hung in various spots throughout the building.
Among the ones I saw tonight was this project that I assume was meant
to  demonstrate the effect of reflected light on a surface.
I couldn't see inside the cones other than for some bits of solid color
at the scalloped edges of the shapes. The color inside each reflected 
a pastel version of itself onto the cone above.
As pretty as it is, it could make a really stunning effect
if enlarged to spread over a bigger surface.

This is to prove that digital images can be grainy. 
The photographer (me!) insisted on recording for posterity 
the reflection of moonlight on the edges on clouds.  
It looked to me like a milky streak in a chunk of blue agate.


dive said...

That cone thing is fun, Speedway.

Love the moonlight shot. That's the main drawback with digital cameras: noise. In low light they don't really work very well. I had to pay way too much to get one sensitive enough for astrophotography.

Speedway said...

Well, I guess it was a noisy night, Dive. The same camera you bought for astrophotography is the one I need to catch cars racing through the turns at Indy at 235 mph.