Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Bit of Norwich in Speedway :-]

While out walking around a Speedway neighborhood earlier this week, 
I happened to see this bird house. It reminded me of photos
posted by Dive of Small Glass Planet of his town, Norwich UK.
While the birdhouse is covered with just plain river rocks,
it nevertheless reminded me of Dive's photos of the beautiful old
buildings made of flints.


dive said...

Gosh, I've not posted a flint photo for ages, Speedway. you've reminded me I should get out in the cold and take some more photos.

Speedway said...

How are the flints doing? I love the buildings you've shown us. They look scratchy. And I love the patterns people built into the walls.

dive said...

They were still standing last time I looked. I'll get out and about again with the camera if ever winter ends here.