Friday, April 5, 2013

Yvonne, Greg, Diana and Nosy Friends

Well, actually, these are the nether regions of a baby brachiosaur, 
Riad, who joined other dinosaurs at the entrance 
of the Indianapolis Children's Museum in June, 2009.
He and the adult brachiosaur, Seymour, gaze down upon the exhibits
and activities inside the museum.

Seymour and Riad joined the other popular dinosaurs who 
were installed at the museum entrance in 2004.
This trio of alamosaurs have been captured in flight from the museum lobby.
I've often thought that they'd be more eye-catching if they were on the
Meridian Street side of the building, but their presence is so realistic,
it may well cause accidents if seen by unsuspecting motorists.

Named Yvonne, Greg, and Diana, the alamosaurs were a gift 
made to the museum in 2004 by Yvonne Shaheen and are named after her 
and her two children.

Here, while mama Yvonne makes a literal break from the museum lobby, 
Greg runs towards the open street and Diana sniffs the free air 
for a likely bit of juicy prey ...

... and Yvonne's tail makes a final, defiant flick 
as she tears down the confining walls.


William Kendall said...

Yours have quite a whimsical quality to them... and very realistic!

Speedway said...

And during the holidays, they wear the appropriate hats. Mama Yvonne even gets a red nose at Christmas. During the football season, they get ill-fitting helmets.