Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Textured Tuesday: Downspout at Glossbrenner House

Admittedly, the shot is fuzzy but I just had to share this.
When one thinks of guttering for one's house, the images generally
include the ubiquitous downspout. These days, it usually 
takes the shape of a long, rounded rectangle. When I was a kid,
it more often than not was a fluted tin tube hanging 
from the sides of houses. Now, it is bought in sections at the
big box hardware store, or extruded on-site by contractors
using shaping machines designed especially for the task.

But how many of us have ever seen spirally fluted copper
downspouts, held in place by 2-inch straps with
fleur-de-lis attaching points and diamond-head rivets?
And the fact that it remains in place over 100 years after
the home was built is nothing short of miraculous.


dive said...

That's a beaut, Speedway!

Speedway said...

It is, indeed, a beautiful bit of work. Other places on the house have perfectly good guttering, all painted an unobtrusive brown. This bit had years of natural patina, equally as subdued, but not nearly as well crafted, sturdy, or attractive.