Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Rainy Day

It was gray all day. Rain had been forecast and I delayed going for a walk 
even though I knew Now would definitely be better than Later.
Grass in the Coke Field is already ankle high, much of it squishy
underfoot from earlier showers.
As I skirted the edge of the little woods, I looked up to see a large nest,
too big for most birds in the area, too weird to be a squirrel's abode.
Glancing into the still leafless branches, I saw I was
being watched by a large hawk. She was at least a foot tall, 
her herringbone patterned breast echoing the patterns of 
the naked trees behind her. Too fast, I reached for my camera,
startling her into flight. I looked for her, but she had flown
to another shelter, waiting for me to leave.
I'll go back another day. And another.
I walked on, feeling a mist of rain on my face that
turned into drops, then became a shower.
Somehow, I convinced myself I could walk between
the raindrops and enjoy the shower without becoming sodden.
I took the time to visit some trees, to check on 
a couple redbuds and a plane tree in the neighborhood,
and to try for pictures of rain on these pretty trees.


dive said...

Beautiful, Speedway. Weeks late, but beautiful.

Merisi said...

Gorgeous, and the light is beautiful, even or maybe because of the rainy day!

Good luck with capturing the hawk,