Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Different Faces

As I walked to the bus stop Tuesday morning, 
I looked up to see the Moon straight ahead.
While the Sun's light reflected off the Moon on the left, 
the Night still held sway on the right, and I felt as though 
I was walking the line between morning and evening.
Every step took me towards daylight, closer to work and to
the people I spend my days with. 

As much as I enjoy their company and the work,
it has been missing one component - my muse.
Without him, the room where I work has been just a box
of some color. Yesterday, a co-worker asked if I'd seen him.
I hadn't. "But he's here, just around the corner!"
I looked over my shoulder and my little world lightened
by ten shades, weight lifted from my back, and the air sang.
Spring has come to my heart.

1 comment:

dive said...

Yay! Spring has arrived across the pond. Please send some our way, Speedway.