Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bassoonist and Mummies

These paintings were done to relieve the usual wooden monotony of boarded over storefront windows. I think they were done by students and have been in place for several years. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has offices nearby (the concert hall is a restored theatre on the opposite side of this building's back wall) and it looks as though they may have sponsored the project.

I think the paintings are colorful and charming and I hope very much they aren't destroyed when restoration work begins on the building.

And just because everyone else includes videos in their blogs, I wanted to do it, too. So here is "Single Entendre" by Here Come the Mummies.
Tain't the ISO but it sure does party!  


dive said...

Are you quite sure they're not the ISO, Speedway? All bar one of the classical musicians I know also play in bands for fun. And those guys sure are fun, even the ending talky bit cracked me up.
I love the paintings. I'd happily have the bassoonist panel on my dining room wall. Great stuff.

Speedway said...

The ISO keeps their people pretty busy, but a lot of them also play in other bands, ensembles, etc. HCTM are session musicians out of Nashville - or so the story goes - who came up w/the costumes to hide their ID's because of various contractual obligations. You can tell from their schedule that they work A LOT all over the Midwest. Hey, why not them hire for a gig in your town? I bet that would cause a bit of a stir in the Mummies' scheduling tomb! (Now how're we gonna fit London in between Skokie and Philly?)

I really like the paintings and I'm wondering whether there are plans for them when the work starts on the bldg. If, like other sheathing I've seen, the plywood is 5/8-inch thick, then they're going to be very heavy, almost too much to hang on most walls, including mine.

I'd intended to create a link for HCTM. Forgot it, along with one for ISO. Will fix both.

dive said...

The links are working fine, Speedway.
We're waaaay out of London here but we do get some great US bands visiting the neighbourhood; just lately I've enjoyed the Handsome Family and Crooked Still, but I'm really a classical fan so the ISO would be more than welcome playing in my village pub if we could fit them all in there.

Speedway said...

Well... give 'em a call. "Symphony with the Brewskis" just might draw an audience of new fans! In fact, culture on a beer budget just might be a hit!

I've been to a couple concerts that amount to Happy Hour occasions - workers from downtown offices getting together on a Friday evening over drinks and a bit of classical; people were cheek to cheek, so to speak, in the lobby.

I sneaked the links in while you weren't looking, Dive.

Right now, I'm anticipating watching the German GP. Starts about an hour from now. Oh, and it looks like we've gotten a break in the weather - 85 degrees - down a whole 10! Damn, I'm cold!