Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking for Shade

I walked around downtown all day tending to business, but looking for pictures, too. One thing I had in common with all the people I met was that I was looking for shade; whether it was under a tree or along the side of a building, we wanted respite from the sun's glare.

The sun shone it's light on and through the green and yellow stripes of the plantings outside the Chase building on Monument Circle, and lent an air of privacy to the little pocket of shade outside the Firehouse Building on East Washington Street. I may have been looking for shade, but what the sun gave me was contrast.

Whew... shelter from the sun as well as some pretty pictures.


dive said...

Gorgeous, Speedway. There's nothing quite so cheering as sunlight through leaves, and these leaves are particularly attractive.
What an idyllic spot right in the heart of the city. And hostas, too! I love hostas, but unfortunately so do the slugs that lurk in my garden. No amount of coffee grounds and broken eggshells can protect my plants.

Speedway said...

Hi, Dive! The little garden is just about the size it shows here. It was built just off the side of an old firehouse. The little patch of shade was a godsend on a day which was about 115 with heat index. Whew!

I'd had an appt Thurs for which I'd allotted 2 hrs. It only took 30 minutes, so I spent much of the afternoon taking pictures. All told, including these pictures, add'l ones of pictures downtown and those of the trucks, I was outside about 7 hours. Walked wherever I could find shade, etc, and ended w/about 180 images. However hot it was, I enjoyed my time and ended w/some useful images, I think.

dive said...

Seven hours in the hot sun? Yikes! The pictures make it worthwhile though.

Speedway said...

Well .. yes. However, altogether I was away from home over 9 hours, inside or traveling for 2, walking around for 7. Butt slow and steady gets me where I want to be, I guess.