Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hard Rockers

Last Saturday, I met a friend for breakfast at a nearby chain restaurant. We'd earlier dismissed others in their turn - "that's crappy," "that sucks" and just plain "yuch." We didn't want "Mickey D's" or the area "MediCare Lounge." 

While the only other choice was itself not a site for cuisine, it was something we could agree on. We both love tchotchkes (not to buy so much as to look at) and the restaurant has an ersatz "old country store" crammed full of little toys, decorative items, clothing and my favorite candies, "King Leo" peppermint sticks. One of my purchases years ago was a stuffed plush opossum with a naked pink tail and little ears. It grossed me out so much I loved it. I took it to the boat where it was put on a shelf, its tail draped artfully over our bed's headboard. 

One of the store's trademark items are the rocking chairs shown in the top picture. They can be had painted in one's school colors, or with a design scheme to honor the various military branches. In the evenings around dinner time, people will sit in the chairs, visiting, waiting to meet friends and family for dinner. As you can see, the rockers are linked together with steel cable to prevent theft. So, if you and your family want to rock, you'd better do it in unison.

All chime in and
Rock on, baby!



dive said...

Okay Speedway, I'll fess up; your title made me laugh my breakfast out through my nose. Brilliant!
Then I had to look up "tschotskes" and the only definition I could find (I confess to not looking too hard) was "the random punching of men in their genitals" which made your post even more interesting.
I was once the victim of that … Coming out of college one day with a bunch of mates we walked past a couple of nine year old girls, one of whom smacked me right in the nads before running off, shrieking with laughter. Luckily I was laughing so hard myself it took the pain away (mostly).

I LOVE those rocking chairs! I've always wanted one but they're a rarity over here (plus they'd shred the hell out of my carpets).

So what precisely ARE "tschotskes" in your neck of the woods?

Speedway said...

G'morning, Dive. I use the word "tschotskes" when I want to say out loud "Pretty much useless shit." It's a Yiddish word with lot of different spellings and usual synonyms are trinkets, gew-gaws, knick-knacks, etc. I looked up the definition and, like you, saw the "punch to the genitals" and was quite surprised, To me its always meant little glittery, decorative things and toys - just what was in the store. I'll change the spelling to reduce confusion.

Sorry you got tschotsked by the little tchotchke.

The rocking chairs are available for purchase on-line. I tried them and find them extremely uncomfortable. I think the back is too straight or at the wrong angle. Something.

dive said...

I'm kinda glad the chairs are uncomfortable. I don't feel so bad about not having one now.
Yay for tasteless knick-knacks! I'm not one for ornaments but I can never resist a piece of tat of it makes me giggle. I have boxes of the stuff in the attic. Sheesh! My most recent purchases are a cringe-inducing china angel figurine, a Parisian Christmas snow-globe and a bright pink alarm clock in the shape of a mosque that wakes me with a tinny call to prayer. It's kitsch, tacky crap and I love it.

Speedway said...

I like Holstein cows, tiny race cars and glass insulators. And I have a small basket full of little teddy bears.

dive said...

Hee hee. This is like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Speedway said...

There is a piece of giggly crap I want but haven't found. It's a snow-globe which has little pieces of "coal," a pipe, a carrot and a top hat floating in water. It's "the Death of Frosty."

dive said...

If I see one I'll let you know.