Friday, July 8, 2011

It's A Plot!

My neighbors ought to know better. 
They would fight any sort of addictive substance in their area, 
so why do they insist upon planting plots of color where I can see it?
Don't they know they run the risk of finding me rolling in ecstasy in their yards, the shutter of my camera going off uncontrollably?

Oh, the red! Oh, the purple!
Oh, the green and yellow! Do it to me again! 
Color, color, color! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Sigh ... I'm done now.
Want a turkey sandwich?


dive said...

Hee hee hee, Speedway.
I'll have whatever colour you're having.

Speedway said...

Well, Dive, I sent a friend the link to your Goodwood car porn. If you ever happen to come upon a couple US women, shutters to out cameras convulsing with pleasure, just know it's Speedway and Bessie, finally made it to the car porn festival of the world! Colors and chrome do it for me every time!

dive said...

Come on over any time you want. We'll be there again this September. Just dress up in vintage clothing and have a ball. Just don't wear anything you wouldn't want stinking of hot engine oil and burnt rubber afterwards.

Speedway said...

What?! I took pictures at IMS for over 20 years and Bessie longer than that! If one likes car porn then hot engine oil and burnt rubber are aphrodisiacs! Probably won't make it 'til 2013 because I'm working on a project scheduled to be published in Sept 2012.

dive said...

Ooooh … Novel? Non-fiction? Poetry? Photography? Or is it a secret until nearer the time?

Speedway said...

Non-fiction. A small history book about steamboats (wouldn't you know?), more like a really long essay. I research, take notes, write, research, take notes ... on and on. Should have it all together by year-end. It'll be more of a primer meant for general readers than really detailed.

neetzy said...

Love it,

Oh hello! I found you on Dive's and love your sense of humor! I too am an artist wanabee, art & photography teacher and I've been to the Indy 500!
I'm a bit of a lazy blogger, but I try.

Speedway said...

Hello, Neetzy! Thanks for looking at my stuff. I, too, am a lazy blogger. Also a lazy artist and photographer or I'd be a really famous shit by now, with the attitude to go with it. Lazy's more fun and there's less responsibility.

Did you like the Indy 500? If you got any chance to see the town you know how really bland it is. Criminy, I'm lookin' for "pretty" wherever I might find it. But the blog's started to help me meet more people.

And that Dive gets around, doesn't he? I saw his comments on Pasadena DP, thought him funny and intelligent. Now I'm following along to learn from him.

dive said...

A history of steamboats for the general reader sounds fantastic, Speedway. Let me know when it comes out so I can order a copy to sit beside my Mark Twain books.

Hahahahahaha for funny and intelligent! You are way too kind. Yes, I do get around Blogville quite a bit but I've lived here a lot of years and have been very lucky in tracking down the kind of people (like Neetzy and Robyn) I would meet and gossip with in coffee bars every day if we lived close enough. It's a much nicer place than Facebook; the pace of life here is easier and you can say a whole lot more.