Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yeah, Riiiight

Actually, I could have made this picture look worse. 
This homeowner is in the process of cutting out old hedges 
and laying brick for a walkway.
I think he put the sign on the pile himself.


dive said...

Oh, my. Speedway, you have the knack of making my breakfasts and utter delight. Thank you for today's giggle-fest.

Speedway said...

Well, Dive, when the jokes practically leap out at me, how can I ignore them? Anyway, I hope your breakfast didn't come out through your nose again, since it wouldn't have been the appropriate orifice for a fiber cleanse.

Anyway, it was nice to find this shot as the morning had started off badly, due in part to the French coffee press. I tore my pants as I crouched down to feed the cat and had to change them. Leaving the house a bit later, I couldn't recall turning off the stove burner (water for press). Made the decision that I'd prefer to have a place to live than be on time for work. Went to catch another bus and saw hummingbird, goldfinch and this photo. Day is improving. Has to wait 30 minutes for next bus, so took nice pictures for updates on brick paving downtown. Cool. Realized I'd forgotten my work ID and spilled my kunch inside my tote and on bus seat. Luckily, I had napkins to clean it up. But was really glad for the nice pictures. Whew!

And how is your "wide hairy ass" day going? :-D

dive said...

Boy howdy, Speedway, sounds like you've got your own sit-com going there.
Just as well I've learned not to take a sip of coffee or a bite of toast before checking your blog as I'd have been cleaning the monitor again by now.
I hope today gets off to a better start for you.

Scout said...

I love this photograph! Maybe the sign should read "In the process of the..." instead of "result of." Ha.