Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woo Hoo! I Feel A Breeze!

On my way home from work I stopped at the grocery for a few items, then walked the rest of the way home. For the first time in weeks, the heat wave had broken long enough to bring people out of their homes. Yes, it's still warm but there was a nice breeze to invite people away from the A/C.

Among them were the members of the boys' soccer team from Speedway High School, taking a run around the park before starting a pre-season practice session.Then a bit farther on, a woman sheperded her young son across the street so he could ride his tricycle on the park's jogging path.

And not far behind came Alex, followed by his mom pushing his new baby sister her her stroller. They, too, had a park excursion on their agenda, with maybe a stop at the playground.

Everyone agreed, it was finally nice to be outdoors without the sun bearing down, adding to the grumpiness and irritability of big and little folk alike.

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dive said...

That looks more like it! Hoorah for air you can actually breathe. A pox on heatwaves.