Thursday, July 7, 2011

Parasol ...

...and a pair of legs. I like to walk to the store. You never know who you might meet and what you might see right there on the sidewalks of your neighborhood. Today I saw a dark green umbrella, seemingly floating 
of its own accord in front of a woman pushing a stroller. 
Upon closer inspection I saw two pink-clad legs.
The legs belonged to Catherine who, along with her mamma Susan
and little brother Stephen, were also walking home from the nearby grocery. Little Stephen was hidden from the ninety-degree sun 
 beneath his own umbrella.

Say hello to Catherine, whose own sun shown brightly
from beneath her umbrella.


Chrissy Brand said...

That first umbrella shot is very good.


dive said...

"Hello, Catherine!"
Boy, what a gorgeous smile she has, Speedway.
Chrissy is right: the composition in the first photo is fantastic. The shapes ands colours, too. I particularly like the wheel peeking out.

Speedway said...

Thanks for the compliments. The bright sun had washed out and flattened everything I almost didn't take the camera out of my pocket. But, again, how can anyone resist that smile?

Gunn said...

NICE, both the images and the text!:)