Monday, August 22, 2011

Comfortractor, Agin

Yesterday, one of my missions was to take more pictures of the Comfortractor, featured in an earlier post. I went to the spot where it had been only to find it was GONE! All that was left was the patch of sunburned, matted grass on which it'd been standing. I wondered whether it had been sold, stolen or just taken away by its owner. Disappointed I went off to meet my brother and sister-in-law for lunch. Together with her sister and husband, we all enjoyed lunch and a nice visit at one of the "pork tents," then went off to visit other venues.

I went on to take pictures of the wheelwrights making a cart, then looked in on a group of blacksmiths. I happened to look up. There, in the storage shed, in all its orange gloriousness, was my beloved Comfortractor. It was hooked up to a trickle charger, possibly in preparation for the evening's tractor parade.

Of course, I took more pictures, this time of its interior.

I hope you enjoy this idiosyncratic beastie as much as I have.

How could you not?


dive said...

What a beauty. I love those flip-up front windows.
And I so wish I could enjoy the hospitality of a pork tent!

Speedway said...

Would there be a place for Comfortractor at Goodwood? It's so unusual and, with only 150 having been made it's sure to be an attention-getter.

You can come over August 3-19, 2012 and visit every pork tent on the grounds. The theme for next year's fair will be The Year of the Dairy Cow," so there will be planty of representative of the bovine persuasion, both real and resin.

And the first weekend after Labor Day will be the Marietta (Ohio) Sternwheel Regatta. You could certainly would find yourself sated from all the foods on sticks.

dive said...

There are plenty of vintage tractors at Goodwood, though they don't tend to race them. Most of them are hitched to covered carriages that ferry people around the circuit.

Pork, dairy produce and fried things on sticks. You guys get all the good stuff. Neither my clogged srteries nor my doctor would allow me to board a plane for the States.