Wednesday, August 10, 2011


"It's about time!" 
"At last!"
"'Way overdue!"
All summer our weather in this area has been running hotter than normal. There've been few, if any, of those nice summer rain storms that break the temperatures and provide some relief from the summer's onslaught.

Yesterday, as I left work I felt raindrops on my skin for the first time in months. Instead of being annoyed, I enjoyed the warmth of the big drops.
Another shower this evening brought with it the first cool breeze to have not been produced by the A/C. As I raised my head to greet the breeze, I thought I may also have felt the first hint of fall. Oh, well. The rain was 'way overdue.
But autumn will be right on time.

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dive said...

Mmmm … Cool Summer breezes and splashy puddles. Rain clouds must love this time of year; it's the only time they're really welcome.