Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Different, Yet Alike

Over the days I wandered the grounds looking for pictures of the Indiana State Fair, it was inevitable I would find things that related to each other, even accidentally. On the first day I saw the sunflower,  already withered but wearing a shiny blue ribbon as the largest of its class.

On the last day I took pictures, I visited the Indiana Department of Natural Resources building. They have outdoor gardens and water displays with native fish species. Shaded and with plenty of places to sit, the building is a popular place for families to visit. Near the front entrance, is this fountain, with its dimpled surface and water falling from the rim, peacefully echoing the structure of the sunflower.


Gunn said...

Nice images. When I enlarged the photo with the fountain, it looked very differently.
An iterestig place you have been to.

dive said...

What an awesome pairing, Speedway. Well spotted.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive and Gunn, for your kind words. Good morning to you both, as well.

I liked how the water falling over the egde of the fountian mimiced the withered petals of the sunflower.

Speedway said...

Aw, merde! Or better yet the white processed bread Mid-west US equivalent: POOPEE! In spite of being a tad dyslexic, I can spell. Most of the time. Or is it that my fat fingers are dyslexic and my mind has spells. Shoulda been "edge" and "fountain."