Friday, August 12, 2011

State Fair Patterns

When I think of the State Fair, the most dominant image I have is of all the patterns and textures I see in all the venues. Whether it be the carnival inflatables and stuffed toys hung in tiers and clusters, the rows and rows of spotted Holstein cattle, or the brightly patterned dresses hung for sale, the repetition of design is there, every day, every year.

Cheap and tawdry has just as legitimate a place in our lives as does the sophisticated and sublime. Without one, how would we know the other?

I do kinda like these dresses.

It's summer and it's the Fair! 


dive said...

Hoorah for the cheap and tawdry! I love this stuff. Where's the fun in going to a fair if you can't eat something disgusting fried on a stick and wave a brightly coloured balloon? Good taste can take the day off. It's time for some fun.
Brilliant post, Speedway!

Speedway said...

Those smiley-face images can startle even the most numb early riser, can't they? No caffeine needed.

But those dresses have been calling for a couple years or more. So far, I've resisted their siren lure (more like a claxon calling!) Talk about yer old lady artsy-fartsy get up. Maybe if I just wore it around the house?

dive said...

Go for it! I've always been a sucker for bright, flowing, hippie style dresses (not for me to wear of course).