Friday, August 26, 2011

This 'n' That

Inducing claustrophobia, this alley way is barely wide enough to accommodate
the delivery trucks which enter and leave daily.

I pass by this alley way every time I'm downtown. I always look to see what's going on there, if anything. I look at them all, but I don't want to enter because I don't like the feeling of being crowded. I want to move, to keep looking at stuff, to see what's out there, just beyond. All the walls seem to say is, "Nothing here, ma'm, nothing here but a sharply delineated perspective. Move along now."

And I do, because I want to see things like the Stars of the Peking Acrobats, spinning plates or balancing themselves on a stack of chairs on bottles. The bleachers in this little outdoor venue were full of admirers, who applauded enthusiastically for the acrobats' demonstrations of balance, strength and agility.

Then there was a little circus act from the International Circus Hall of Fame, located at Peru, Indiana. The "King" worked with a group of trained goats, a donkey and a rooster. I only saw the end of the act, but those goats knew their routine so well they anticipated their next moves. All, that is, except for the goat who added a trick of his own: having found that one of the does was in heat, he eagerly performed his services even as they all exited the ring together. 

This time next year, the act may have added a couple more members.

A line of local ladies demonstrated their belly dancing skills to interested observers. The tent was full of appreciative onlookers who recognized the importance of keeping the muscles of one's "pelvic floor" well-toned and functioning.

All these sights, and they were free!
But I'm still upset that I missed the Blue Monkey Sideshow.
*Sigh.* Maybe next year.


dive said...

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Your first photo brought the old Oscar Wilde quote to mind, Speedway. It's a narrow, claustrophobic alley but what a view when you look up.
And then of course you DID go and look at the stars. What an eclectic line-up: spectacular acrobatics, belly-dancing and a live goat sex act! Vegas eat your heart out, you've got it all there on your doorstep. Wonderful!

Speedway said...

Ah, yes Dive, there are small wonders everywhere! Am I easy to please or what?! I don't think I'd seen plate spinners and chair-stacker-stander on-ers since I was a little kid, nor a guy dressed in a king suit with a bunch of farm animals (live sex!), and the local belly dancer enthusiasts - never had seen those. All of it was at the fair. And all in ONE DAY!

Tall buildings, too! Damn, I'm blessed.