Sunday, August 28, 2011

Take 'em As I Find 'em

There they are, a whole crowd of porcelain doll heads, all facing forward awaiting a new assignment. No hair, painted hair, or crooked and matted hair, these dolls have seen better days. Some eyes are painted on, others are glass, while many are missing altogether. No matter, they all have the same vacant stare and appear a bit, well, cracked

And how many glassy-eyed drivers side-swiped this utility pole before a piece of steel was installed to protect it from further harm? Based on the many deep scratches and gouges, shielding the pole was definitely necessary because few drivers seemed to have avoided it, before or since.


dive said...

Those things freak me out. I once dated a girl who had a crowd of them gathered on her dresser, staring at her bed. I think it traumatised me. She wouldn't agree to blindfold them so we threw a sheet over them to stop their creepy eyes watching us. Ewwww!

Love the colours and textures in the second photo. I wonder how many people walk past that every day and never stop tp appreciate the beauty.
You have a very special eye, Speedway.

lin said...

those dolls are creeeeepy. A friend of mine has a collection and her daughter and son in law couldn't sleep in the guest room because of the staring vacant eyes.

Speedway said...

Good Morning Lin and Dive! I agree with both of you. The dolls were at a local business and used as props. If I had them (and I wouldn't), it wouldn't be in a bedroom.

Just picky, I guess, but I don't like stuffed animals, either. Antique dolls I can sort of understand, but a grown woman with stuffed animals is well, stuck in pre-adolescence.

Speedway said...

That said, I've got about a half dozen little guys in a basket on a side table, but NOT in the bedroom. Ewww.