Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty Fair Feet

Princess Feet
Wandering around the Fairgrounds all day was something I really enjoyed. However, I didn't leave the house without planning exactly what shoes and socks I was going to wear. It was always down to my trusty New Balance walking shoes and a nice pair of sport socks. With the socks carefully pulled on my feet so there's be no wrinkles to make blisters and the laces carefully tied to prevent swelling, I knew I could be on my feet for the entire day without problem.

Waiting for hand-dipped ice cream at the IDA Dairy Bar
Still, it is with more than a bit of envy I gazed longingly at the pretty shoes and sandals worn by a lot of young women. I have short, wide feet and pretty is not an option for me. I joke that my feet are just long enough to keep me from tipping over, but it hurts nonetheless to know that Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik do not make any of their prettiest confections to fit an 8DD foot.

If I were cast in Cinderella, I would always be one of the Evil Stepsisters; my feet would let me down because I'd never fit the Glass Slipper. I'd always have to watch as a gold digger with small feet won the Handsome Prince while me with my wide feet would have to love him from afar.

Guess which is my foot
With my camera and a notebook in my tote, or even just in my pocket, I can cover miles and miles as I walk and take pictures. I see a lot of interesting, beautiful things and talk to a lot of  kind and intelligent people. It's my short, wide feet that carry me on these little adventures, something I couldn't do in a pair of sapphire blue satin open-toed pumps.

I'd just have to lie on my back as I gazed at a pair of beautiful shoes. Something tells me that's where they really intend for me to be, anyway.


dive said...

Women and shoes … I never did quite get that one. But then I never understood women at all.
Feet are for walking on, not looking at. They're kind of icky; a triumph of function over style.

Speedway said...

G'morning, Dive. Well, I've got all the "function" you could ever want, baby.

dive said...

Hee hee!

Speedway said...

It wouldn't be so bad,Dive, except they do not seem to make pretty shoes for short, wide feet. The New Balance "trainers" I wear come in 3 colors - white, which look like an active person's shoe; black, which says "orthopedic" and no matter how nice my outfit is otherwise they look clunky (needless to say, no dresses); and a yellowish taupe which screams "diabetic old person."

I joke half-heartedly that, if I were to walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards, I'd be wearing a $30K gown by Carolina Herrera, $500K in Tiffany jewels, have my hair and make-up beautifully styled, then have it all finished off with a $90 pair of white NB trainers. Wouldn't even have to bother with a nice pedi 'cause nobody'd see the prettily painted toe buds.