Thursday, August 4, 2011


Each season comes with its own colors, a range of hues appropriate to the time, the sun and temperature. I love the delicacy of spring, the robust jewels of summer. I see fall as a last flourish of  courage against the solemn notes of winter, which is a time of waiting, rest and rebirth. I'm not sure I could stand a daily diet of brilliant color when the temperatures are below zero. After all, I am resting, too, waiting for spring, so give me winter's subtle gifts when the time is right.

For right now, though, it's summer, so here are the brilliant, sunlit colors in all their loud and raucous glory! Trumpets are not needed as they broadcast their wonderful presence for all to see, all by their wonderful selves!


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dive said...

TAH-DAH! indeed, Speedway!
I clicked on your blog this morning and it shocked my eyes right out the back of my head. POW! WHAM! Just like the old Adam West Batman show. I so love that single pink flower amongst the yellow. Raucous glory is a great phrase.