Thursday, August 11, 2011

Duly, Daisies

There they were, standing proud and tall, looking as though they went on for miles, a veritable army of good cheer. The sun shown down on them, and they returned the compliment with their own golden glow.

But I'm not so sure about this guy, which seems to have become an altar paying homage to BBQs past; Memorial Days, Fourths of July and Labor Day celebrations remembered. Which seems even more odd -- another generation removed from the reason the celebrations were established, we have an altar to the memories of memories.


dive said...

What a cheerful sight, Speedway. Bright yellow flowers filling my monitor are the perfect way to start the day (and coffee of course).
The barbecue memorial does seem a little strange, but someone has gone to a lot of trouble to find red, white and blue flowers in season. Perhaps this is a home with a son in Afghanistan. Or maybe they just watch too much Fox News.

Speedway said...

I noticed the color scheme right away. In my neighborhood, the latter case is the most likely scenario. I'm not discounting the first, just think the flowers are a little "aged," since they've been up a couple years.