Monday, February 6, 2012

As the Crow Flies

I just got home from working at the Super Bowl 
and a late pizza party with my co-workers,
 so I'll return to another of the art installations at TURF.
Sanctuary (Apocalyptic Considerations),
by Jamie Pawlus,  was designed around the sort 
of strategies the artist might undertake 
were he aware of exactly when the
world might end. The display took 
a humorous turn in deciphering
the sort of life he might like to live,
knowing the expected date of his demise.

I need to make my way toward my own sanctuary.
We began gathering at three this afternoon
for a job of work we would perform at about
eight o'clock. With all of our preparation, the job went
smoothly and seemed to be over more quickly 
than expected. Everyone seemed happy with
the show, so the effort was worth it.
And the New York Giants defeated the 
evil New England Patriots, 21-17.



Meghan said...

The show looked great! Good job!

Scout said...

I really like the "shadow" effect of the chair and crow.

I didn't tune into even a second of the super bowl. We watched the original The Lady Killers and Downton Abbey and read. We're boring that way.

Speedway said...

Hi, Meghan. Thank you. I didn't much other than to help plug it in, but was glad to have not tripped over all the additional cables and snares added by the TV crews. But we got the stage out onto the field, put together, locked downed and plugged in in less than 5 minutes. Yay!

Hi, Scout. I liked the artist's various uses of the crows, which were used in several places in his installation. Our exhibit was given positive responses by writers from Forbes magazine and the New York Times. Maybe people will begin to realize that, when it comes to the arts, "there's more than corn in Indiana." Too bad it took a football game to do it.

As for the half-time show, I think Madonna and the girl rappers were the weaker performers. The drumline was made up of kids from area high schools, the choir were members of the Indianapolis Community Choir, and the cheer leaders came from area colleges, but I don't know which ones. Cee Lo Green was an inspiring singer, and brought the spirit needed to the last number. The graphics and effects were meant for the big room and looked beautiful.