Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Doldrums

Criminy, we've made it this far through winter
with few problems; the weather has seemed to vary
between tolerable to cutting temperatures.
Right now, winter is gray but tolerable.

I startled a blue heron out of the creek bed yesterday. 
He's really quite large and slow, but still too
fast for my little camera. Damn.
I'm going to have to become more quiet
and sneaky if I want more than just a picture 
of his footprints.

Later this afternoon, I am going to meet 
other people who, like me, are conditioning
to run and/or walk the Mini Marathon next May.
I'm definitely in the "walk" division.
We work in the 16-minutes per mile category,
with intentions of improving on that time.
My butt already aches.

Returning to the fitness center, I stopped
briefly to take this picture of Downtown Indy.
We were walking east across the New York Street
bridge crossing the White River.
It was about a quarter to seven.   

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