Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Joy

Looking through the store window, 
the trunks of the bamboo trees look like bars.
The trees have been strung with lighted hearts
 and beyond there are masses of balloons
and bouquets. None of it for me.
Unless I buy it for myself.

Thoroughly jilted a few years back by a man 
I'd trusted with my life for over ten years, 
I am only now beginning to emerge from the haze 
of confusion and hurt he left behind.

I guess he thought I didn't need him. I didn't.
I wanted him and that's a big difference.
I paid my own rent, dreamed my own dreams
and didn't need another person to "fulfill" me.
What he did leave me with was a better
sense of myself, increased self-confidence
and an odd sort of courage; I am comfortable 
in my own skinin a way I never was 
before I met him.

I suppose one might say, then, that I got 
the better end of the deal.

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