Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Another *Super* Day

One section of the more than a gazillion miles of electronic cable installed
in Lucas Oil Stadium to telecast the Super Bowl. This is just inside the SW tunnel.

All this week about five hundred other people and myself 
have been rehearsing our slick moves as stagehands
for Madonna's half-time show during the 2012 Super Bowl.
Of course, it goes without saying I could not have afforded  the price
of a ticket for the game, so decided early on I'd volunteer where
I could in order to take part in the festivities.
And so, I'm a member of the crew.

Just inside the Stadium at the Gate Three entrance,
where each day we checked in for rehearsal.

We were assigned our tasks by the way the numbers were drawn;
some people were assigned to various segments of the stage, while like me, others ended up pulling the huge electrical cables used to power
the stage and it's special effects. The first night it took us about 
a half hour to get the thing together, learning where the segments went
and where the power cords needed to be placed. Over the following
evenings, we brought our times down to the point we are 
waiting what seems forever before the show begins. 

One of the many thousands of visitors to Indianapolis. At
least, I hope he's visiting. Obviously, a championship
football game is just another reason for men to
don stupid hats.
Knowing that we have learned to do our tasks smoothly 
and safely makes me feel proud. I think, once you all view 
the half-time show, either in the stadium or on TV,
you will feel the same; Madonna is using a lot of local
people in her act and they are doing a marvelous job.

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