Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I Saw

I spent yesterday kvetching (bitching) about 
everything being some shade of brown.
Today, I went for a walk with the intention of
stalking the heron I saw a couple days
ago in the Coke Field creek.
The weather was clear, the sky was very blue 
and stems that the other day looked
brown now took on purple and red hues.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw brief flashes
of red and blue, a cardinal and blue jay 
that were flitting among the bare branches.

Out in the field, I heard the calls in the distance 
of a large number of birds. I had trouble locating them,
but very high above, I saw hundreds of them, in a flock
that seemed more like a swarm than the tidy V's
made by geese. They were sand hill cranes,
heading north to their breeding grounds, so far up
in the sky I could only recognize them by their voice.

This flock was far more easy to identify:
a group of teen-age boys spending a nice February
afternoon playing basketball in a driveway. 
And in their shirt-sleeves!

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