Sunday, February 5, 2012


These pictures are of the stained glass in the rotunda 
of Old City Hall. As much as visitors enjoyed the 
installations in the various galleries, when they looked up
towards the ceiling, they were absolutely charmed 
by the beauty of this work of art.

Tomorrow, along with my co-workers, I will report early 
for my stint as a volunteer stagehand for
Madonna's Super Bowl half-time show. Since I wasn't
among the 2% who could actually afford tickets
for the game, I decided to volunteer in order to enjoy
some aspect of this event in my city. While I met
a lot of wonderful people at both venues, 
it would be difficult to say which I enjoyed more -
watching the process of the production
of  Madonna's presentation, or the pleasure visitors
to Old City Hall took in discovering the talents
of the artists who live among us, as well as the beauty 
of the old building which housed their creations.

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