Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gray Days

I've been trying to locate a photo for my book. 
I found it, now I need to get permission to use it.
I waited all day to get a return call to speak
with the person who has access to the photo, the one
who can release it. I stayed in because it was gray
and rainy, but I should have gone for a walk, to check
the creek, to see if there are any herons hiding
in the weeds and wildflowers

Today was flat gray from morning to night, with not 
even a bit of golden sun to liven the atmosphere.
Showers are expected tomorrow. Unless it's
just pouring, I don't plan on waiting for the phone call
because I need to get out of the house.


dive said...

That first shot looks like a Chinese brush painting, Speedway. Beautiful.

I hope your photo person gets their act together and calls you so you can go out and take more pictures for us.

Speedway said...

I saw a print the other day that reminded me of much the same thing, Dive, but I couldn't relocate it to pair with this.