Sunday, September 30, 2012

Newly Planted

During my walk to the grocery Saturday morning, 
I noticed that an assortment of flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs
have been planted alongside the newly configured and
repaved Crawfordsville Road. The plants have a natural look
and, once grown, will serve to hide the ugly fast-food
buildings, as well as provide a buffer for traffic noise.

The plants are also getting their
 own irrigation system.


dive said...

Good to see some beautification going on, Speedway. It does seem strange and a little sad to me, however, that people chop down all the trees, pave over the land, build concrete crap everywhere and then plant a few little trees and pretend it's nature.

Time for a chorus of Big Yellow Taxi …

Speedway said...

It looks better than it did because there were no trees in that area, having all been hacked down 50 years back in the interest of expansion and "improvement" of the real estate. What's there now will screen the more commercial eye-sores.