Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Textured Tuesday: Speedway Street Maintenance Artists ... at It Again

These pictures were taken within a few feet of each other, 
where the street department workers were cutting out the asphalt
at the street corners to install new curbing and slanted
walkways. The spot of color above looks like the center of
the flame that burned all summer, but it makes the black
sealant look all the more rich.

Here the new asphalt contrasts with the older bit of road, 
while cut marks from the concrete saw offset the older cracks
in the pavement surface. The rust accents in the cut
lines relieve the gray with welcome color.
And I'm typing comments about the street workers' efforts 
as though they knew what they were doing. Humph.

Actually, this work has been going on all over Speedway for 
the past couple years. The town is making a real effort 
to improve itself; knocking down derelict buildings
and erecting new businesses along Main Street,
the streets have been trenched, then repaved, for new 
sewage lines all over town. This began in about 2009 and,
while the redevelopment was long planned, the sewage
and sidewalk construction seem particularly intense,
as though the town had received a gift from above.


dive said...

All hail the queen of street art!
You're going to have to stage an exhibition at the public works department, Speedway.
The top one looked to me just like a fried egg, but that's probably because it's breakfast time here in Blighty.

Speedway said...

Well, I'll dredge up the old saw for this...Great minds think alike! When I first saw the orange spot I thought it looked like a fried egg. I thought so again as I prepared it for posting, but decided not to mention it.