Monday, September 17, 2012

Ol' Pollen Butt and Late Summer Orange

It's about one week to the beginning of Autumn.
The temperatures are beginning to cool and,
even as the weather is finally reasonable, 
the plants that remain are on their own schedule,
one that seems written in their DNA.
They'll give us one last burst of color,
then fade and wither in compliance
to Nature's plan.


dive said...

Beautiful photos, Speedway. I love the way you've caught the bee with its butt dusted with pollen. Fantastic.

Speedway said...

I'm lucky when I can come away with any useful bee pictures, Dive. Because of the auto-focus, I have to generally back off of the distance I want, then hope I'll be able to enlarge and crop the image for something useful. I didn't enlarge it much, but there's no such thing as microphotgraphy in my little world.

Did you see how tattered the poor guy's wings are?

The same with the butterflies and little flowers. As long as I stand quietly, the little beasties don't seem to take much notice. It doesn't bother me to be amid them because then I'll get something I can use.