Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Equinox

I like ornamental grasses. During the spring and summer 
they create a nice, natural fence. On rainy days
the rain hangs like baubles from the slender leaves. 
Now that the summer has ended, the grasses 
curl in sinuous spirals, like long hair 
gone all frizzy with the humidity.


dive said...

Yay! More fireworks from nature. These look like the trails made by sparklers we waved around as kids. Wonderful.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. How's the 3D building management program going? You can learn it over the weekend and teach it the following week to you cohorts? PFG*!

I don't like to fiddle around much w/Photoshop, preferring instead to post my images as "purely" as I saw them. It was unavoidable with these frond-y guys, though if I wanted people to see the curls and spirals I had to play some with the contrast. Which I did.

*Pure Effing Genius!

Adele said...

Hi! I came through from Petrea's site. Love your photos! My grandfather played jazz in New York with Jimmy Durante. He's a family favorite. (Jimmy, I mean. Grandpa too, though!).