Saturday, September 8, 2012

Night Thunder

This evening, we finally got one of those summer storms , 
the kind that break up the season to make the heat tolerable. 
We've had so little rain I had to go back to March 
to find pictures to illustrate the weather.

When I looked outside, I saw raindrops making 
little bits of watery shrapnel as they hit the sidewalk,'
and long, streaming rivulets pouring down 
the sides of cars. 

As the thunder rolled through Speedway,
and the lightning crackled, my shy and nervous
cat came to lie beside me, even noticing 
the flickering of the lights and TV screen
when the power went out. Her big, green eyes
may as well have had question marks for
pupils as she tried to understand 
why the noise outside made the change 
to her little indoor world.
I could almost see little sparks flash
between her ears as the synapses fired,
a little kitty intellectual storm raging within,
as she contemplated the event.


dive said...

Well, there goes summer.
There's nowhere better to be in a storm than snuggled up indoors with a cat.

Speedway said...

It be nicer to be able to snuggle up to the right man. Kitties are second on the list, but would rather have a good cat than the wrong guy.

dive said...

I've never found the right man either, Speedway. I make do with next door's three cats, who seem to live in my house.