Wednesday, September 5, 2012

He-e-ey, Batta-Batta-Batta!

On Sunday, our bit of Isaac had blown through, 
bringing much-needed rain and cooler temperatures.
It was the Labor Day weekend and families had 
taken advantage of the cooler temperatures to enjoy
a relaxing time in the park.

The park's shelter was full of people having 
a picnic gathering, while a group of young men 
were using one of the soccer fields 
for a game of flag football.

The baseball diamond was being used by a family 
to play a little softball game. I wished I had a different
lens because the group, made up of parents and 
three girls, was teaching the youngest
to play the game. She picked up the ball, she tagged
her sister out, and she threw the ball ... sort of.
When her turn came, her big sister took 
her by the hand to run the bases. 
And Dad taught her the chant,
designed to annoy generations of 
batters ... 

He-e-y, batta-batta-batta!

1 comment:

dive said...

Too cute!
Good to hear that you had some saner temperatures for Labor Day.