Monday, October 1, 2012

October Theme: Silhouette

The crow in the top picture was calling to his buddies, 
"I'm over here!" even as his hunched shoulders 
and leaf cover say, "Can't see me!"

Meanwhile the little sparrow perched
 against the white background to eat the berries, 
"Nom-nom-nom! Look what I found!"


dive said...

Boy, it really is autumn out your way, Speedway. All those yummy berries!

Shantaram said...

Two birds with one post - nice!

Speedway said...

Well, Dive, because of, hmm, you know, my little project, I haven't been out as much as I need to. These pictures were from my *archive* because I forgot Theme Day and wanted to post something appropriate. The top was from this past spring and the second from last winter.

And the leaves on the tree across the street have turned yellow, others already have patches of red. I heard we'll be in the 30s later this week.

Thank you, Shantaram, and I didn't even have to shoot them with anything other than my little camera!

Buck said...

Well done! I like the top one very much. It's not easy to get the silhouette of a bird in a tree like that.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Buck. I happened to be waling under the tree when I heard the crow calling to his buddies. I just stood quietly until I could see him amid the branches. I've spotted a rookery of egrets along the river I wish I could get close to, but it will take far more work 'cause neither they nor their heron pals let humans closer than about 100 feet. Damn.