Thursday, October 11, 2012

Organized Chaos

I'm not a fan of brown. I have to actively (Huh?) stand to look 
at anything of that hue to find something admirable 
about whatever it is. Consequently, it's pretty safe to say
these hydrangeas looked drab by themselves, but gorgeous when
set against their red leaves. What really attracted me
was the outrageous kaleidoscope of red, purple and green 
with the modest perfection of the brown hydrangeas
quietly holding their own among their flashy friends.


dive said...

How cool to see the leaves outshining the flowers.
Love the bottom photo; it reminds me of my own garden: an overgrown mess that's returned to nature and which I share with bats, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, a myriad of birds and some very lazy cats. I hate sterile lawns and tidy gardens.

Speedway said...

Hello, Dive. Isn't it cool? All those bright red leaves with drab as hell flowers. I was really attracted to the scene because of all the colors. When I get my own house, one of the first things I'll do is dig up the yard to make a garden that looks like the one above. I hate all that anal retentive crap with perfectly edged lawns and machined to death shrubs. I want floral havoc?

dive said...

I've got more like arboreal havoc, in that my back garden is now a small forest (hence the bats, squirrels, etc), with hedgehogs snuffling through the leaf litter. I find it quite beautiful, especially early in the evening when I can stand still and let bats flit around my head (if you stand still for a few minutes, a column of warm air forms above your head and attracts insects; bats are sure to follow).