Friday, October 5, 2012

Drake as Nike

I've always enjoyed those seemingly random moments 
when ducks and geese rise out of the water for a few seconds, 
flap their wings for the seeming joy of it, then settle 
back down to chortle and paddle around with their buddies.

But after watching this particular flock of mallards, 
the wing flapping didn't seem random after all;
each time a bird dipped it's head in the water three
or four times, it would rise up afterward
to flap its wings. Is it part of their grooming
routine, or a temperature control behavior?

Whatever the reason, I think it's pretty.


dive said...

Drakes are basically poseurs, Speedway; they see a camera and they put on a display.

Speedway said...

I sort of thought he was doing his impression of a bowling pin doing an impression of Nike.

Speedway said...

And besides, he could flap his wings and tread water at the same time.