Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween: Munch in Speedway

The damn thing distracts me every time I've passed it.
A plastic ghoul, it's suspended about 8 feet
above me and, every time I've seen it, I've been
reminded of Edvard Munch's Scream.
This the third of four versions of Scream done
  by Munch. The other three are paintings, held in 
Norwegian museums, while this 
is a pastel drawing the artist made in 1895.

When I look at this, I also see the orange sunset
from Monday night, created by the weather system
that has brought so much trouble to the Atlantic coast.
The drawing, purchased by billionaire Leon Black, will be on 
exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC
for six months, until April 29th.


dive said...

I'd think of Munch's Scream every morning at 4:40 when my alarms went off. Thank goodness I no longer have to suffer the seven hour a day commute to London.

Happy Halloween, Speedway!

Speedway said...

I've never understood the fascination people have for the piece. Not that I think it's bad, or anything like that, I've just never been drawn to it. I've been a little "crazy" in the past from depression,I guess, but even so, I think the head looks disembodied, as though it's being held in the hands. No matter how bad I may have felt, I've never done "dark."