Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yellow and Black

It rained nearly all day yesterday, bringing a chill wind 
to blow the leaves down. This yellow tree looked bright and 
impressive against the dark overcast. Its tiny leaves
were strewn on the wet, black granite benches surrounding
this pyramid fountain. 


dive said...

Darn it! I was trying to take puddle reflections in London on Friday but yours is way better than any I managed.
Love the mimosa leaves. They won't grow as far north as I am so they always remind me of southern European holidays, even wet and autumnal ones like these.

Speedway said...

I only noticed the reflections of the trees above as I was taking the picture of the wet bench. I hoped that the reflections would be sharp enough to make them recognizable. I don't know what the trees are, Dive, but they aren't mimosa. They don't get the beautiful pink blossoms. There are a few of these trees near the park, too, and in the neighborhood, and they all make these beautiful golden yellow leaves, but no flowers in summer.