Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Textured Tuesday: Cut Paper

There is an exhibit at the Herron School of Art and Design called 
Papercuts: The Art of Contemporary Paper Cutting.
Curated by Reni Gower, the works show various methods 
of cutting paper to create art - cutting, piercing, die cut,
sewing - the pieces will remind the viewer of curtains, 
doilies, pieced quilts and cut lace. 
Some are humorous. And every one is beautiful,
each piece reflecting the patience of the artists to bring
to life with an X-acto knife their particular 
vision of shadow and color. 


dive said...

Strange and beautiful, but I bet it's a bugger to dust.

Speedway said...

Who dusts? Don't we all live in a hyper-clean environment, free of any germs and mites? This little project, inlike most of the others is framed in a box.

dive said...

I'm an obsessive duster. Sad but true: the first thing I thought when I saw the lovely paper art was "that's going to be a bugger to dust."