Monday, October 29, 2012

Reflected Glory

The sidewalks in the park were still wet and the sun still bright 
when a patch of gold light shown from a shallow puddle, 
spreading its warmth onto the walk like an aura. 
I looked around and found the tree whose reflection it was, 
basking proudly in the sun. 


dive said...

I love the way you've messed with the focus on the top photo, Speedway. It looks like a rift in the sidewalk, leading to another reality.

lin said...

It looks otherworldly--

Speedway said...

Hi, Dive. It does look "otherworldly," doesn't it? The reflection just seemed to shine from below the sidewalk, an asphalt pathway in the park. All I recall is trying, as much as possible, to get it IN focus, which it would not do. I liked the "aura" around the schism, created by the tree's reflection on the still-wet walkway.

Hi, Lin. The daggone puddle just seemed to glow from within. almost as though you could step into it. Eerie, but beautiful.